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From beginner level to native!

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Why French and why now?

The younger your children are, the better it is to introduce them to a foreign language. And by the way, did you know that French is supposed to become the world's most spoken language by the year 2050? 

We use an efficient, easy, fun and motivating teaching method where your children pick up French with you in a family surrounding.

Learn/practice French with your child

We have started a French Club and modules for non-French speaking families as well as workshops for French speaking or "shaky" French speaking children where parents are not left a side!

French club for families

Ranskan kielen Perhekerho

Come to learn French and share happy moments with your          3 to 8-year-old!

Welcome to all children and adults from beginner to advanced level!

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Baby French

Designed or babies and toddlers under 3 with their parents.

This group is open to everyone.
People who do not speak any French at all are as welcome as the ones who already speak fluently.

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Workshop for French speaking families

Atelier Jeu d'enfants

Votre enfant a entre 3 et 8 ans? Vous souhaitez le motiver à parler français? Bienvenue à notre atelier pour francophones et semi-francophones !

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Private and semi-private French lessons for families

Ranskan kielen Perhekurssit

Family-French for your family. Private lessons at home. 

Friend-French for your family together with another family.


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