Franscape is a company (toiminimi) created in 2005 by Audrey Ahtikari.

Mother of three, I am a professional language trainer. I have been teaching French in Finland since 2004 to a wide range of people with diverse activities and interests. Among them: children and families but also politicians, business people, artists, journalists, public service employees and many others. My absolute favourite has been working with children and their families ! That's why I have decided to develop this activity first in my neighbouring area, and now elsewhere too.

In 2018, I became an author thanks to Otava, which offered me to write school material for 1st and 2nd grade pupils and their teachers. That how I wrote C'est parti ! Your children may get to know this material if they study French at school since grade 1 :-) 

I come from a village closed to Limoges, a city almost in the middle of France. After completing a Master's degree in Management in Paris suburb area in 2001, I worked in Paris, and moved to Finland in 2002. I completed a Bachelor degree in languages (Finnish and French) at the University of Helsinki and started a new carrier as an entrepreneur and freelance French instructor.

I would be happy to welcome your family in our club, our workshop or through private lessons ! Welcome !