Frequent asked questions

Question: I don't speak any French and my children neither. Can we still come to your club for 3 to 8 y.o. children?       

Answer: You are most welcome to our clubs even though you don't speak any French at all. In Laajasalo, there is a group for beginners where you don't need to know any French and your children neither. In Tapiola, you can attend the "mixed level" (beginner + intermediate level) group where you don't need to know any French either.

Question: I don't speak any Finnish, can we still come?

Answer: You are most welcome along. The club language is 100% French from day one, even in the beginner level groups, where I promise you will do great. Clubs are designed accordingly to your language level.

Question: What French language level should we parents have to attend the Baby French group?

Answer: The Baby French group is open to everyone regardless of their level. Beginner with no knowledge whatsoever of French are warmly welcomed as well as native French speaking families and "everyone in between" :-)

Question: I would like to attend your club for families with children aged 3 to 8, but I'd like to bring along her/his little sibling (under 3). Can I do so?

Answer: Yes, you can bring along the small brother/sister. If the sibling is under 2,5 y.o. the fee for his/her participation is 100 euros. Another parent is also welcome too in this case (1 parent/1 child).

Question: I would like to attend the Baby French group with my baby/toddler, but I'd like to bring along her/his older sibling (over 3). Can I do so?

Answer: Yes, you can. The Baby French group is designed for very little ones, but older ones enjoy it too :-) There is a 10% sibling discount.

Question: What is the youngest age limit for my baby to attend the Baby French group (with one parent)?

Answer: You can bring your baby as soon as he/she is born if you wish. I would recommend to wait that it does not bother his/her routine too much. If you have to wake him/her up, your baby might just be tired and cranky. So when you feel he/she is ready, welcome along. It is scientifically proved that your baby would get benefits from exposure to foreign language since his birth and even before.

Question: There is only one child in our family but we both parents would like to come to a club for 3-8 y.o. Is it possible?

Answer: Yes, it is. In groups for families with children aged 3 to 8, another parent can come with a fee of 100 euros. In the Baby French group, both parents can come along.

Question: We would like to attend the club but our children are already over 8. Could we still come?

Answer: Yes. The clubs and Workshops for children aged 3 to 8 are designed for this age range, BUT we have been having children aged up to 13 in our groups. However, if your children are over 8, I would recommend that you first come and give it a try one or two times before you finalise your decision :-) 

Question: I would like to come to the group for native French speaking families with my child. I am French native speaking myself/ my partner is French speaking, but our child doesn't speak French much yet. Is this group the right one?

Answer: Yes. This group is perfect for your family. The whole point of the group is to activate your child's passive language, to encourage him/her and to bring together families who have this language in commun.

Question: My children are quite wild and I am afraid they won't stay focus during the club. What should we do?

Answer: The first time might be even a bit scary for some children, while some others are just like fishes in the water right away. If your child doesn't focus, it does not matter. I promise he/she still learns something. The most important is that he/she likes to come to the club. We adults are used to learn languages while mostly sitting, ... But your child probably did not learn his/her mother tongue just sitting. It is the same in our clubs. It's ok to get wild :-) We do move anyway, and it is ok to not move along too :-)

Question: What do we do in the clubs for children aged 3 to 8 for NON native French speaking families?

Answer: We sing, move, play, do jigsaw puzzles, play board game, play role play, do some colouring, sometimes we do some craft, read books, look at pictures.

Question: What do we do in the clubs for Native French speaking families with children aged 3 to 8?

Answer: There is a new theme every week. We sing, play collective games, read stories related to the theme, discuss, have fun, do craft related to the theme. During the previous season see have written our own theatre play and play it, written our own funny "encyclopaedia of children's imagination", written fun stories based on "random pictures picking". Each session ends with a 3 to 5 minutes "disco" ;-)

Question: What do we do in the Baby French group?

Answer: We sing a lot. We look at big and colourful pictures. Sometimes we drawn (children able to hold a pencil), we do baby puzzle, we assemble things, we play hide and seek, we play collective games, we dance, clap.... The very little one move on their parents lap :-)

Question: Why are this Webpage and the Facebook one in English? Aren't we talking about French language in Finland? Shouldn't it be in French or Finnish?

Answer: English is the commun language most people understand. Some people who want to start French don't speak any French yet, and some French speaking people don't speak Finnish yet, especially if they just arrived in Finland. The group is also open to other people whose mother tongue may be another language (Spanish, Chinese, Arabic...) and they are also warmly welcome along even thought they don't speak any French nor Finnish yet.

Question: I have been attending your club/workshop/ Baby French group already. Do I still have to register for the next season?

Answer: Yes. It would be greatly appreciate if you could register. Some group are so full that I have to set up a waiting list. By registering as soon as you can, you guarantee a place to your family in the group of your choice for the next season.

Question: When is a good time to register?

Answer: As soon as you know you are planing to come, it is good to register. You guarantee your family a place in the group of your choice by registering as soon as you can. If you notice at some stage that you can't make it, please let me know as soon as you can too :-)

Question: I have read about your services and different groups but I am still not sure what group to attend?

Answer: No problem, feel free to contact me :-) Contact details We will definitely find a group for your family.

Question: I am getting confused about your services. What does your offer cover?

Answer: Our services

Question: How much do your services cost?

Answer:  Our prices

Question: Could you tell us more about the teacher?

Answer: Bio

Question: I don't find any answer to my question here, what should I do?

Answer: Feel free to contact me :-) Contact details

Question: How do we register?

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